• This swimming hole requires a "Hike" or the location is only "General Area". In these cases, you need to be very careful in using our coordinates.
  • Our coordinates may be for the parking place or for the swimming hole itself (sometimes we give both).  ZOOM IN TIGHT AND STUDY THE MAP AND READ OUR WRITTEN DIRECTIONS carefully before you use our coordinates for driving or hiking.  
  • Sometimes Garmin, Google, Mapquest and others either have roads that no longer exist or dont have some of the very minor roads that access swimming holes.  Be very careful in using our coordinates on the road.  
Never blindly follow your GPS.  Study the map and read our directions!  If your gps is not taking you where the written directions indicate, use the written directions NOT the GPS!  Of course, if you see signs to the place, follow the signs not your gps.  

Going to a swimming hole is not like going to a Starbucks - (especially if there is a hike involved, of course) but even if there is not much of a hike, there is info you need about where to park - how to walk when you leave the parking area (avoiding private property, for instance) - whether to walk upstream or down when you hit the water - safety issues - etc. etc.   All this info is in the DIRECTIONS part of the web site listing.