Falls Icon For Mobile Devices 
For Android devices (only):  We have a (free) Android app (requires Internet connection to run).  To get it, click Swim N Hole or go to Google Play Store and search for "Swim N Hole" by (exact) name. This is a "native" app on Android.  (NOTE: Some have reported that this app doesn't work on Android "Kit Kat" (Android 4.4.2 and up) - please tell me if you try this. As an alternative, use SwimFone.info in your browser.)

For all other phones and tablets:  We have a "web app", it is not in any app store, it is a specially designed web page that runs in your browser (requires Internet connection to run). Using the browser on your device go to SwimFone.info and bookmark it. 
For all computers and devices, when you won't have an Internet connection: Take entire state maps/pages with you two ways: 1. For any computer, many browsers* now have a "save page for off line reading list" - try it.   2. For your mobile device get the excellent (free) program POCKET at the appropriate "app store".  (Use the POCKET option to download as a web page, NOT as text)

More complex (but map off-line and are free) - consider loading our POI data into a general-purpose mapping/routing program on your device: For Android:  Get the general-purpose mapping/routing app Locus at the Google Play Store and download our data files (.gpx format). For Apple:  Get the general-purpose mapping/routing app Galileo at the Apple iTunes app Store and download our POI files (.gpx format).

* For clickable state maps offline: On APPLE devices, use SAFARI and add your state swimming hole page to the READING LIST.  On other laptops/desktops, get the CHROME browser then get the "READ IT LATER" EXTENSION for Chrome. On any mobile device, try POCKET.